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Happy Anniversary!!!
So glad you liked it :]

the picture my boyfriend drew for me as a gift for our anniversary ❤️thank you, baby, it’s amazing!i’m glad to see it hanging up on my wall in my room.

i’m bored.

so i’m gonna just reblog pretty little pictures like grunge or some shit like a little pale tattooed hipster chick cause that’s what i feel in this moment.










Feel the music.

always going to be my fav gif

she understands

this is my favorite feeling, haha when you just close your eyes and you feel the music SO GOOODDDD, no matter what kind of music/scene it is.

we call this “pure blisssss”

this is what I’m talking abouttttttt

That’s how I am, eyes usually closed

she’s so beautiful
happy birthday to me

i totally forgot to tell you guys that today’s my birthday!


good morning & happy 7 month

good morning tumblrverse. about to go take my morning work out, then shower, and go get my day of school and work started. blargh.

on a happier side note, happy 7 month to me and my baby, my love, and my schnookums, jimmy. i love you baby! ❤ and i hope between both you and me having school and work, and you having that test, that we can find time to see each other today. also, you’re a butt. :3

ttfn y’all.

omg i never thought i’d see such an accurate comic
855,267 ♫

Watashi wa kawaii desu ka? (*≧ω≦)
ayeeeeee 😏 👌 i love my new hair