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i haven’t had fast food in forever im gonna die i want it so bad ugh someone buy me a double bacon cheeseburger with no pickles or onions please & thank you


um excuse me it’s called the double bacon cheeseburger not the double patty bacon cheeseburger

where tf is my extra bacon?

this is false advertisement at it’s finest and i will no longer stand for it



Anonymous asked: What do you think of miley?


Black fetishizing, cultural appropriating, self-important douchebag comes to mind.

She manages to perpetuate anti-Black symbolism and stereotypes while getting profits from taking our culture and turning us (esp. Black women) into props, she has also dehumanized and humiliated little people, and others in marginalized groups as a part of her ‘freak show’ type theme. She’s disrespectful, has no regard for anyone for herself, and is generally not someone I would ever want to associate with on any level, music or otherwise.

someone gave a REAL reason as to why miley ain’t shit.

im so sick of hearing “oh well because she’s a whore.” or “she did that drug thing.”
like, that’s HER self. if that’s what she chooses to do with herself and her body, fine. that shit is none of your business, and she can do anything she pleases in that retrospect.

what she cannot do, is use black people as objects. or use our women in her videos to market her ridiculousness. and try to appeal to other white people by using things in our culture, like our fashion, our mannerisms, etc. to show that it’s just okay to go and pretend to be something you’re fucking not. also, trying to make it so that black culture is almost a “trend”. WE ARE A PEOPLE, NOT A PASSING FAD.

i praise you for being one of the few who sees the real problem with miley cyrus.



screw it, im getting my guitar. nothing better to do locked in my room.


my kindle is legit the most annoying thing ever sometimes. 😑

it takes forever to charge and im stuck sitting in one place waiting for it’s stupid ass to do it’s job.


i feel like crap this morning, blargh


Happy Anniversary!!!
So glad you liked it :]

the picture my boyfriend drew for me as a gift for our anniversary ❤️thank you, baby, it’s amazing!i’m glad to see it hanging up on my wall in my room.

apparently, i’m tsundere?

can’t be.

i feel like i’m more dandere.

idk. whatcha’ll think?
give me a newport gold non-menthol

having a pretty bad night. i wish i could just smoke a cigarette and sleep. everyone seems to either be talking at me or don’t know how to talk to me.

i don’t feel like i’m in the right place anymore. i only feel 100% comfortable when i’m alone.


i just wanna blog, smoke a cigarette (or three), drink water, and sleep.

i really don’t wanna be bothered.
everyone’s upset me tonight.

in response to more-than-what-you-bargained-for:
because i for one live in a small area. where this happens constantly and consistently with the white people i live around. i didn’t say all. i specifically said the white people HERE. so it’s not a “race” thing. it’s a fact. it’s the best way to describe the group as a whole, since that’s the only thing they all have in common, without saying names outright. relax. no one’s racist. don’t talk to me about society’s racism.

how you get mad for a picture i posted on MY instagram cause yo friend got a problem with me?


bish wha


i think these white people tryna cyber bully me ctfu
i can’t

it’s only monday y’all


the white people in my area don’t let shit go. and they be adding all they friends in they shit too.

we not in high school anymore kiddies. posting threats and expressing your anger to me through social networking just makes you look sad and bored with your life.

humble yo’self.

i got grown up things to handle.

craving a fag

i figure overloading myself with seeing it will help me not want one. maybe let me see that it isn’t that special. and not that important. that it’s not NEEDED. just wanted.
aaaand i don’t have any on me and no store near me is open at 1:37 in the morning.


we’ll see.

but ugh. i definitely don’t wanna smoke one when i have a dentist appointment in the morning.

blargh. this is annoying.


i want a cigarette so badly, but i know i have to resist.


im getting so flustered and agitated. and i can’t sleep because my mouth is just watering for one..

this really sucks.

i wish dan didn’t fall asleep on me so i could be distracted, but he wasn’t talking anyways so whateva.


wish i had money to get kawaiigod to draw me but niggas living paycheck to paycheck and can’t afford to do little stuff like that anymore.

but that artwork is tuff!